What is the best way to get free traffic to my blog ?

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    Best way to get Free Traffic

    Here’s a quick list of some of the better “ways”… or tactics… for tapping into tons of free traffic.

    • Blog Commenting
      Comment on the big and popular blogs in your niche.
      You’ll get backlinks to your blog.
      You’ll get noticed by folks in your niche.
      People will start clicking over to your blog from your comment profle or link.
      Influential bloggers will start noticing you, and you can leverage those contacts to get even more traffic.
    • Guest Posting
      One great way of leveraging the contacts you make from blog commenting, is to start guest posting.
      Simply ask some of the big bloggers if you can write an article on their blog.
      If they’re already familiar with you from all the comments you’ve left on their blogs, they are far more likely to let you in the door.
      When you guest post on some of the big blogs in your niche, their readers will take notice and start visiting your blog.
      This is a great way to get in front of other people’s built-in traffic flow, and steering some of it your way.
    • Article Re-purposing
      When you write a blog post, create a few variations of it.
      Just do some quick and simple edits and rewrites so that one blog post has 2 or 3 unique “versions.”
      Post these edited versions on other platforms, like LinkedIn, Medium and Quora.
      That multiplies the “reach” of your original blog post.
      It taps into audiences that are not on your blog, but can be directed to your blog through links you embed in your re-purposed articles.
    • Social Media Sharing
      This is a big one.
      Everyone knows there are bizillions of people on the big social media platforms.
      Post to Facebook, LinkedIn and others… link back to your blog and people will follow if they like what you’re doing.
      Don’t forget YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat… these are great social media outlets for finding new traffic sources.
    • Podcasting
      People love podcasts.
      Do some audio narrations of your own blog posts.
      Share the links on social media, or even create your own iTunes Channel.
    • Interviews
      Do audio or even just simple Q&A style text interviews of influencers in your niche.
      Create a blog post around the interview.
      Give a link of your blog post to the person you interviewed.
      They are usually happy to share that link with their audience since they are the featured guest.
      Everybody like to see their name in lights :)
      If they are popular influencers, their sharing of the interview can mean a lot of traffic heading your way.
    • Roundup Posts
      Do a blog post that features responses from a number of experts or influencers.
      Ask one question of everyone, like “what have you found to be the best way to get free traffic to your blog?”
      Then collect the responses and write a blog post with a title like “38 Experts Share Their Favorite Free Traffic Tactics.”
      This really amounts to a group interview, and when you post it, each of the “experts” will usually share it with their followers.
      That can results in a huge amount of free traffic being driven to your blog.
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    3, well, 3 and half crucial points:

    • right pick of keywords
    • acquisition of good backlinks from topically relevant trusted domains
    • quantity of backlinks,
    • and quality of your content
    To find good relevant keywords in your niche you can use tools like Serpstat, Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs or Semrush. The results that you’ll get from these top tools would be slightly different, so gather as much data as possible for best results.

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    You can try the below listed ways and increase traffic to your blog. But remember, there is no alternative to good content. You need to create useful and engaging content to attract more & returning visitors. Try below tactics and let me know if they are useful.

    • Guest Posting
    You can write Guest Posts on various websites to build backlinks to your blog that would help you to increase its traffic and visibility.

    • Quora Questions
    Answer questions on the topics you’re interested in to help out other people. You can always insert one two links to your blog (if the topic is related). This will help to generate quality organic traffic to your blog.

    • Use Social Media
    Create a Social Media Page for your website and share your blogs there. This will help you to increase your reach and build credibility. Also, you can initiate conversations in social media communities or groups and share your blog link there. Remember to select relevant blogs that suit the theme if your content or blog.

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