What is Webmaster Tools in SEO?

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    Google webmaster tools is a free SEO tool from Google. It is used to calculate the website performance and other details of search engines. Any website owner can utilize this tool for free.

    It shows all about your website such ranking keywords, pages, most viewed pages or posts, and you also notified for errors in your website such as copy content, misleading links, broken links, and so on.

    Using Google webmaster tool don't make your website get ranked but it helps to analyze and correct the website to get ranked providing the valuable information. It is the basic SEO tool that everyone should have. As SEO for the website is important and essential the number of tools for doing SEO also created and launched day by day.

    But, GWT sticks with its own demand and reach. For better SEO services and webmaster services hire Upniche. You can get customer friendly services and pricing options.

    Search Queries

    The Search Queries section shows the keywords that led users to your site.


    The overall backlinks of your website.

    Crawl Errors

    It shows inaccessible pages, missing pages, server errors, and all sorts of problems that prevented Google from correctly crawling your site.


    You see what keywords Google has found on your site.


    Sitemaps of your website and number of URLs in each sitemap.

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